How Satellite Imagery is Solving Forest Management Challenges

Joint webinar with Planet & Swift Geospatial

When it comes to forest management, satellite imagery has been used almost exclusively by GIS specialists or remote sensing teams, which have the expertise needed to manage and manipulate different types of geospatial data.

The rise of new forest management solutions are opening up new use cases for satellite imagery, addressing unanticipated needs, and ultimately driving value outside GIS departments.

Now, it’s no longer necessary to have a GIS expertise to use satellite imagery to proactively manage forest plantations across the value chain – from health assessment, to harvest tracking, to in-field management.

This on-demand webinar, co-hosted by Planet and Swift Geospatial, will cover: 

    • Recent trends in the forest management industry
    • How satellite imagery is transforming forest management practices
    • Case studies of how Swift’s forestry monitoring solution is driving metrics-based results