Always On Monitoring for Defense and Intelligence: Delivering Automated Analytics and Insights at the Speed of Change

Organizations need to know where change is happening so that they can minimise risk and effectively respond to events. Planet, in collaboration with partners like SpaceKnow, offers streamlined “tip and cue” capabilities, helping our customers reduce the time to identify and evaluate key changes on the ground.

Planet’s solutions for the Defense and Intelligence sector encompass always-on monitoring at medium resolution with rapid, high-resolution tasking to provide visibility into geopolitical events at the speed they develop. Combined with deep learning imagery analytics, these capabilities will enable you to identify and act on activity-based signals, previously difficult to discern. Build resilience and surpass your adversaries with fast and informed decision-making.

Planet partners SpaceKnow enables Defense and Intelligence customers to automatically analyze satellite imagery on demand, at massive scale and in near real time, greatly speeding up the analytics process and enhancing actionable insights. The SpaceKnow platform is powered by state of the art artificial intelligence, in the form of proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by in-house experts. Utilizing Planet’s high-frequency imagery, SpaceKnow can filter large amounts of data into high-value actionable intelligence, allowing the GEOINT community to make the right decisions at the right time, providing strategic and operational supremacy.

In this webinar, Planet and SpaceKnow present several maritime, land monitoring, silo detection, and urban construction use cases powered by tip and cue workflows.

Register for this webinar and learn about:

  • Unique Planet capabilities in high-frequency medium and high resolution monitoring
  • SpaceKnow proprietary AI-algorithmic solutions applied on medium and high resolution imagery within the SpaceKnow Analytics Platform
  • How AI-based Tip & Cue workflows enhance the effectiveness of the defense and intelligence analysts in providing critical actionable insights