Building a Sustainable Vegetation Management Approach by Applying AI 

Overstory Case Study

Every year, wildfires consume millions of acres of land around the globe. While a variety of factors contribute to wildfire ignition, the increasing climate crisis coupled with electric assets has led to some of the most damaging wildfires globally. The costly economic and human toll necessitates the immediate need for vegetation management around utility to mitigate wildfire risk, especially in fire-prone areas.

This case study discusses how one company, Overstory, helps to mitigate wildfires by providing real-time intelligence about the planet’s vegetation powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and satellite data. Using machine learning to interpret satellite imagery and climate data, Overstory extracts insights from Planet data, providing real-time information to its utility customers based on high spatial and temporal resolution satellite data, including multi- and hyperspectral imagery, SAR, and video.