Making Imagery Scale for Ag: Building a Production-ready Pipeline 

On-Demand Webinar

Satellite imagery has the potential to change the lives of farmers worldwide, helping them to maximize their time and precious resources, avoid devastating losses, and optimize their input usage for a more sustainable - and profitable future. But before that potential can be realized, staggering amounts of data must be ingested, processed and catalogued. At Corteva/Granular, that gap is filled by the Remote Sensing data pipeline team, which is responsible for ingesting imagery from Planet and making it easily accessible for multiple applications across the Corteva ecosystem.

In this presentation, Charcey Petersen (engineer) and Rachel Balik (product manager) from the pipeline team will share the challenges of building a scalable imagery pipeline and how they solved them. They’ll also cover the Planet APIs they leverage, the architecture of their pipeline and the features that make imagery meaningful and actionable for famers. Learn how partnering with Planet enabled them to build a flexible and extensible pipeline that ensures imagery will be available for every farmer who needs it.