Leveraging Satellite Data to Improve Climate Resilience

Defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies recognize that climate change will exacerbate cross-border geopolitical flashpoints in the coming years, and change the operational landscape for strategic areas such as the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea island chains, and the Arctic. As such, the US has emphasized climate change as a national security priority and has outlined adaptation and mitigation strategies in planning documents in recent years. During this webinar, join leaders as they discuss how public sector organizations can use satellite data to improve climate resilience for coastal bases, improve planning risk models, and support information exchange in emergency situations. They will examine how the US government can better anticipate climate instability, which could lead to mass migration across borders or increased violence risk.


  • Robert Cardillo, Chief Strategist and Chairman of the Board, Planet Federal
  • Christine Urbanowicz, Senior Spatial Geospatial Data Scientist, USAID
  • Kathleen White, Program Director of Climate Change, DoD OSD ODASD (E&ER), U.S. Department of Defense
  • Chelsea Lissette Cervantes de Blois, Climate Change Specialist, U.S. Department of State