Leveraging Planet Data Through the ESA Earthnet Programme: Predicting Crop Yields in Malawi

The European Space Agency (ESA) uses its multi-mission ground systems to acquire, process, archive and distribute data from other satellites - called Third Party Missions. This set of data is available for scientific research and development purposes under the framework of the Earthnet programme. Researchers and application developers now have access to a complete new data set, including RapidEye, PlanetScope and SkySat.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • The steps to apply for the ESA Earthnet program
  • How Planet monitors up to 90% of the Earth's land mass everyday with full coverage everywhere in the world
  • Ways to access Planet data through efficient delivery methods


  • Olga Granici, Customer Success Manager (Planet)
  • Peggy Fischer, Mission Manager of ESA Third Party Missions and Copernicus Contributing Missions (ESA)
  • Prof. Jadu Dash, Remote Sensing, Geography and Environmental Science (University of Southampton)
  • Dr. Chengxiu Li, Research Fellow (University of Southampton)