Download Planet ArcGIS Pro Add-In v2.2

Discover, stream, and download Planet imagery & Basemaps in your ArcGIS Pro workflows

Planet is imaging the entire Earth every day, making global change accessible, and actionable for everyone. Esri is the global leader in GIS technology, mapping, and spatial analytics software.

With Planet ArcGIS Pro Add-in v2.2, Planet users can unlock the power of frequent and high-resolution imagery directly in their ArcGIS workflows.

The ArcGIS Add-in v2.2 will enable you to:

  • Unlock the power of high-cadence and high-resolution imagery by bringing PlanetScope, SkySat imagery, and Planet Basemaps into your workflow
  • Order precise high-resolution SkySat imagery by linking coordinates to Planet’s Tasking Dashboard (for Planet Tasking customers)
  • Access imagery from the leading public imagery providers, like Landsat and Sentinel
  • Create customized search filters and metadata display, with the ability to clip imagery downloads to your AOI
  • Leverage the ArcGIS Pro image analysis capabilities to perform remote sensing analyses, compare imagery and other geospatial data, build models, explore geo-statistical analysis and machine learning