The Engineering & Innovation Behind Lowering a Satellite Constellation

On-Demand Webinar

At Planet Explore in October 2019, Planet announced the lowering of our SkySat constellation, increasing the spatial resolution of our optical imaging satellites from 72 cm to 50 cm data. With 50 cm spatial resolution SkySat imagery Planet customers will be able to see more detail in every image and be better equipped in their decision making and analysis.

Sign up for a recorded live stream conversation with our VP of Launch, Mike Safyan and Product Manager, Louis Rousmaniere for a behind the scenes look at what it takes to lower a constellation of satellites. In this discussion, Mike and Louis explain why we decided to lower the satellites, the engineering and planning that went into the effort, and what users can expect from the data when it becomes available soon.

Mike Safyan, VP of Launch, Planet
Louis Rousmaniere, SkySat Product Management, Planet

Tanya Harrison, Account Manager, Planet Federal